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Kiat Mempercantik Mobil Bekas

July 11th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in Mobil - (0 Comments)

Mempercantik Mobil BekasMembeli mobil bekas, mengapa tidak? Mengingat harga mobil saat ini masih terbilang mahal, tidak ada salahnya jika Anda mempertimbangkan beli mobil bekas terlebih jika Anda memang membutuhkannya. Mobil bekas memiliki tampilan tidak menarik? Bukan masalah, ada banyak cara yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk membuat mobil bekas terlihat baru. Bagaimana caranya? Yuk, simak beberapa tipsnya di bawah ini.

Cat ulang body mobil. Terkadang mobil bekas memiliki body yang tida mulus lagi bahkan cat mobil yang sudah mulai pudar. Nah, oleh karena itu Anda bisa mengecat ulang body mobil menggunakan spray guns. Agar hasil cat dapat diketahui baik atau tidaknya, sebaiknya ukur menggunakan elcometer.

Ganti sarung jok mobil. Agar membuat Anda lebih nyaman dalam berkendara, tidak ada salahnya jika Anda mengganti sarung jok mobil sesuai dengan yang Anda inginkan. Jika Anda ingin nuansa klasik, Anda bisa memiliki sarung jok berwarna cokelat dengan model garis atau wajib. Namun, jika Anda ingin nuansa sporty, Anda bisa memilih warna merah.

Gunakan lampu LED. Agar tampilan mobil Anda lebih keren, tidak ada salahnya jika Anda memanfaatkan lampu Led, yang merupakan lampu hemat energy. Anda bisa menempatkan lampu LED pada audio system, plat nomor, lampu sein, lampu rem, lampu senja, dan lain sebagainya. Temukan distributor Lampu Led terpercaya di IndoTrading.

Hilangkan jamur pada kaca. Jamur pada kaca mobil tidak hanya mengganggu pandangan Anda saat berkendara tetapi juga membuat tidak nyaman dipandang. Untuk itu, Anda harus segera membersihkannya. Bagaimana caranya? Bisa dengan menggunakan pasta gigi, air tembakau, atau air soda. Jika tidak, Anda bisa meminta bantuan salon mobil untuk membersihkannya. Lihat cara pembersihan jamur pada kaca mobil di bawah.

Pentingnya Promosi dalam Dunia Bisnis

June 25th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in Bisnis - (0 Comments)

Dalam dunia bisnis, baik itu promosi dengan penyebaran brosur, pemasangan spanduk, baliho, maupun dengan mencetak iklan di koran, majalah, memuat iklan di televisi, radio, dan website atau blog di internet menjadi hal yang harus dilakukan oleh tiap-tiap pelaku bisnis.

Mengapa demikian? Apa yang menjadi alasannya? Bagaimana tidak? Promosi memegang peranan penting dan bisa dikatakan sebagai ujung tombak dalam dunia bisnis.

promosi1Mengkomunikasikan produk

Dengan adanya promosi, tiap-tiap pelaku bisnis bisa dengan mudah menginformasikan dan mengkomunikasikan produk yang ditawarkannya mengenai beberapa hal seperti berikut:

  • Manfaat. Promosi tentunya dapat menjawab rasa penasaran dan kebingungan konsumen terhadap produk yang Anda tawarkan, khususnya mengenai manfaat dari produk tersebut.
  • Cara pakai dan kerja. Selain daripada itu, promosi ini juga dapat memberitahukan kepada konsumen terhadap cara pemakaian dan cara kerja dari produk itu sendiri. Dengan begitu, ketika konsumen membelinya ia tidak akan lagi merasa bingung.
  • Kualitas. Tidak hanya itu, tetapi juga promosi diharapkan bisa dijadikan sebagai ajang untuk memperkenalkan kualitas dari produk yang ditawarkan pelaku bisnis.

Mendapatkan pelanggan baru

Promosi tidak hanya bertujuan untuk mempertahankan pelanggan lama tetapi juga bertujuan untuk menjaring pelanggan baru. Semakin bertambahnya pelanggan baru diharapkan dapat membuat penjualan produk semakin meningkat secara signifikan.

Menjaga kestabilan penjualan

Selain daripada itu, promosi juga diharapkan dapat membuat pelaku bisnis dapat menjaga tingkat kestabilan penjualan produk terlebih ketika menghadapi lesu pasar. Lesu pasar merupakan merupakan suatu kondisi dimana menurunnya tingkat penawaran dan permintaan sekuritas.

Jadi, dapat disimpulkan bahwa promosi pada akhirnya dapat membuat bisnis mampu berdaya saing yang dapat diperlihatkan dari meningkatnya penjualan dengan penambahan pangsa pasar.

Lack of Confidence3Perception of inferiority might be considered a typical difficulty encountered by most of the people. Sensation of inferiority experienced by a number of people is obviously not without cause, there are various items that produce a person feel inferior to hold out or socialize.

Experience yourself has several faults is one trigger. Basically, if this inferiority isn’t permitted to continuously disappointed, not enough restlessness, panic, and inventive can look. Consequently, can there be a method to defeat a way of inferiority? Look at the easy steps to defeat a feeling of inferiority yourself below.

Work with self

Must, everybody has faults. Nevertheless, not everybody will get round the shortage of it. Well, the minder is really an individual who isn’t in a position to overcome that lack. Consequently, should you get infected with a perception of inferiority proceed must resolve yourself. Is cosmetic acne problems? You are able to correct it by utilizing lemon-juice. Have you got a brief body? More info here to find how to elevate the body.

Explore extra

Experience they’ve no surplus to become happy also often make people feel poor. Sure each of the somebody that has a benefit. Effectively, to get it-you need to discover the rewards and actualize them. Buying an interest function as the first action and discovering interesting items you are able to do.

Chilling out in a positive atmosphere

Constantly being when compared with an even more ideal individual, and ridiculed, humiliated, ostracized, demeaned often create a person feel poor. Should you select a good milieu given these circumstances, it’d be sensible. Constructive atmosphere may be stated that the surroundings enable you to relaxed and often offer help to you personally.

Have you been an internet marketer or internet business operator? If you should be, you certainly realize that you’ll need innovative advertising methods like SEO (Seo) to improve the purchase of one’s company and earn more income. SEO indicates a procedure to improve quality of site-so it’ll remain on top of internet search engine position for several keywords. By utilizing SEO you’ll get several benefits like:

seo bSEO is just a simple and cheap internet marketing technique and that means you don’t have to invest lots of cash to make use of this tactic. When compared with traditional advertising technique like set ad on stereo, TV, or paper, SEO is certainly cheaper. If required however it doesn’t imply you will possibly not utilize traditional advertising technique, you should use traditional advertising technique and both online. Bear in mind to usually market your company officially and pretty.

You will get larger make money from your web business. If you’re able to understand and enhance SEO your website on correct keyword, it enables your website to remain on top of internet search engine position. Obtaining bigger position than different on internet search engine like Google or Google your website may have several odds to become visited in several guests. Instantly it’ll also provide you with large opportunity to develop revenue.

Additionally, you calculate your company efficiency but additionally should use SEO to promote not just your company. Create and you have to restore your company again in case your website doesn’t remain on top of internet search engine position and that means. Utilizing SEO support from Cakra Studio may be the correct method to assist your website sitting on the most effective of internet search engine position.

Finding a Dream Career

May 18th, 2014 | Posted by Daniella in Career - (0 Comments)

Dream Job5Are you now trying to find a dream career and stop being unemployed? Some people get difficulty to get their dream job. They haven’t decided what career that really suits them. They have no idea what they are going to do and become in the future. Well, if you are now in this situation, try to follow some methods below:

Narrow down your interest

When you are about to pursue a career, you need to narrow down your interest. What career field that makes you most interested? It depends on your own preference and perspective. Listed here are some fields you can take into consideration:

  1. Healthcare. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, midwives, dentists, and surgeons are some practitioners you think about if you want to work in healthcare service.
  2. Education. Working in education can be promising because your career is always in demand. Perhaps, you want to become a teacher? Education specialists and advisers are other potential jobs you can pursue.
  3. IT. Career in IT is always in demand as well because the way people give information and communicate keeps changing over the time.

Assess your skill and ability

The next step to find a dream career is making assessment to your own skill and ability. Do you really suit the job? Are you really eligible and qualified for the profession? For instance, in becoming a teacher, you are responsible for not only delivering materials/theories, but also encouraging and giving motivation. Teachers must also help students find their real life goals.

Perkasa Flight School3I do not know why plenty of Indonesian students go abroad to review aircraft or get pilot instruction. Being a matter-of-fact, there are quite a few wonderful flying colleges or pilot school in Indonesia. Irrespective of STPI Curug, BIFA, Bandung Pilot School, and ATK Surabaya, there’s also two new aircraft universities or academies:

First is Perkasa Flight School. Jl. Perkasa Flight School was founded about one-year before. It includes a quick pilot training curriculum inside a year to get a CPL (Commercial Pilot Certificate) and IR (Instrument Status).

Acquire a pilot certificate and to examine in Perkasa Journey College, learners must spend IDR 650,000,000. Thankfully, for people who feel it’s pricey, you receive the opportunity to submit an application for that loan (about IDR 300,000,000).

Second is Eagle Air Flight Academy is just a Philippines-based traveling institution that’s consultant in Australia. Indonesian individuals who wish experience puzzled of discovering the right training courseand to be pilots are engaged by this aircraft school.

The trip school that’s directed by Vincent Raditya delivers plans for finding professional pilot certificate. It functions 172 and Cessna 150 whilst the education aircrafts. Think about the fee? Effectively, learners are required to pay $33,000 to get an one-year system. For standard needs, candidates also have superior English skill and have to be atleast 18 years of age.

Well, hopefully your recommendations can be added by the aforementioned data about pilot universities in Malaysia. Best of luck!

home bLebaran adalah waktu untuk berkumpul dengan semua anggota keluarga yang mungkin telah dipisahkan oleh jarak dan waktu. Karena itu, Anda harus membuat suasana lebaran di rumah Anda menjadi istimewa dan berbeda. Caranya? Dekorasi ulang rumah seindah mungkin dengan mengikuti tips di bawah ini:

Mengatur ulang posisi furniture

Atur ulang posisi kursi, sofa, meja, lemari, atau bahkan lemari TV ke posisi baru. Mintalah saran dari saudara/saudari dan orang tua Anda untuk mendapatkan posisi terbaik. Browsing di internet untuk menambah referensi jika diperlukan. Pastikan bahwa posisi baru furniture membuat Anda dan keluarga merasa nyaman dan mendapatkan nuansa baru. Jika Anda memiliki anggaran cukup, membeli sofa baru dapat menjadi cara yang tepat untuk mendapatkan kenyamanan lebih.

Ganti aksesoris rumah lama dengan yang baru

Ganti taplak meja, tirai, sarung bantal, atau tikar dengan yang baru. Yang pastinya warna aksesoris tersebut sebaiknya berwana cerah, agar menimbulkan kesan ceria di rumah Anda. Bisa juga dengan memilih aksesoris rumah baru dengan warna-warna favorit Anda dan keluarga.

Perhatikan lantai

Untuk mempercantik lantai, pasanglah karpet dengan warna yang tidak terlalu gelap. Jika lantai sudah terlihat jelek, ada baiknya untuk menggantinya dengan yang baru. Ingatlah untuk membeli lantai baru hanya di toko terpercaya.

Di samping itu, mengecat dinding rumah dengan warna-warna cerah, seperti orange, kuning, hijau, biru, atau merah muda juga sangat dianjurkan. Ingat untuk tidak terburu-buru melakukan hal ini karena pada dasarnya mendekorasi rumah itu butuh waktu yang cukup lama sampai Anda mendapatkan nuansa yang benar-benar Anda inginkan. Jika Anda membutuhkan bantuan, gunakanlah jasa ahli dekorasi rumah profesional, okay!

Phrases to Express Gratitude

April 14th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in Information - (0 Comments)

thank you1Thank you is usually done by some people when it was already getting something desirable, have assisted, have mercy, have been treated, has been maintained, or other positive activities are considered very favorable for private self.

Considering there are a variety of properties and types of people, not an imaginary influence the shape expressed gratitude, delivered, and administered. Talk about it, no one knows the forms of gratitude that people generally do?


Thank-you generally does most people in the form of words. As well, when it has aided or given something by someone else then the words thank you will be ejected from the mouth. But sometimes, there are some people that are difficult to catapult gratitude verbally.


For those who find it difficult to throw a thank you to someone or for those who feel deeply indebted, they will accompany partly thanks to an item.

  • Money. Money can sometimes be the most frequently used as a sense of gratitude for someone who was very instrumental in his life.
  • Parcel. But not everyone received a thank you in the form of money. Therefore, they are often partially work around this by buying a parcel of food, fruits, or others from FlowerAdvisor.
  • Housing. On the other hand, there are also some of their unsparing give thanks in the form of shelter. Usually this is done by the company.

Thanksgiving or celebration

On the other hand, there are also some people who express gratitude to the Creator in particular by organizing a celebration or a celebration by inviting the poor, poor, or orphans and strays.



There are many vacation locations in South Asia that are well-liked by many visitors who originate from America and Europe. They are able to taste traditional and distinctive meals, learn traditional dances, consider amazing images, search, and do other fun items. Do you intend to continue South Asia, but you’re of selecting great vacation locations confused? Should you choose, consider visiting some recommended locations below:

ha long bayHa Long Bay, Vietnam. This can be A unique and stunning bay with inexperienced Laguna. There are certainly a large amount of large and large calcium stones that decorate this location, therefore it seems wonderful. Residents genuinely believe that these calcium rocks are jewelries jades and regurgitated by monster. The monster did that since it was requested by God to safeguard Vietnam that was assaulted by colonizers.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. This can be a spiritual building which was actually used as movie area of Tomb Raider and Human Combat. Angkor Wat was created as praise location. It’s situated a long way away from downtown of Cambodia, then when visiting this location, you’ll experience peace and past environment.

Ubud, Bali. Bali is an excellent area in Malaysia, when you likely know. You’ll find several fascinating and incredible places as possible visit there. One of these is Ubud. This Can Be A peace and cozy town. There’s no hustle there, to help you experience organic nuance and get convenience there. Besides, you are able to discover Balinese arts, like dancing, carving, weaving, and painting if required.

Why Do You Feel Lazy to Go to Work?

April 9th, 2014 | Posted by Daniella in Work - (0 Comments)

Lazy to Go to WorkDo you ever feel so reluctant and lazy to go to work? You are not alone because a number of workers do so. Perhaps, you wish to get more sleeps in the morning or feel unwilling to drive. Well, why are you actually that lazy to go to work? According to my recent researches, listed here are the common reasons:

  1. Lack of work motivation. Every worker indeed needs to have motivation to enjoy working and improve performance. It can be derived from their own or other people. For self-motivation, you may need to set your goals that will boost your spirit. Another way to build work motivation is by making your workroom a better place to work at. De-clutter your desk and give some decorations if necessary.
  2. Low salary. Receiving low monthly salary with no bonus and reward unquestionably is also the reason of your unwillingness to go to work. Workers might have been working hard, but they receive unreasonable payment. Actually, this depends on your job position and responsibility. Also, how much do you contribute to the company? If you are unproductive and provide less contribution, don’t expect too much on a higher wage and job position.
  3. Difficult people at workplace. The most common reason why someone never feels excited about going to work is due to the difficult people at workplace. Perhaps, those people are superiors or fellow workers. Dealing with difficult people at work is surely a problem since you probably work under pressure or are unable to stay focused.

BouquetsFlower Advisor is the online store that offers a variety of goods ranging from birthday cake or a wedding anniversary cake, gift for valentine’s day, Eid parcel, parcel of Christmas, gifts for babies, beverages, fruit baskets designed with, and so forth.

Not just that, but additionally an internet shop that’s many divisions across like Canada, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and which means this makes new blossoms as its flagship product. What’re the pursuits they provide?

  1. Lily. There are a variety of lilies offered online shops, ranging from lilies to decorate a table in the family room until the lily that is used to give to loved ones combined with a basket with chocolates or teddy.
  2. Rose. Rose is just a flower that may be believed to possess a large financial price. Flowers expressed condolences, expressed enjoy, and will also be used to decorate the home, besides being used being an ingredient to make fragrance. This is exactly what makes Flower Advisor thinking about providing new flowers with a broad choice of colors and costs.
  3. Tulip. Tulip is just a bloom that’s contained in the household Liliaceous. The flower buds are usually seen as an overhead.

Rush get flower at Flower Advisor!


How to Deal with Dry Skin?

March 25th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in Skin Beauty - (0 Comments)

Dry Skin2Dry skin could possibly be the biggest trigger of rapid aging, wrinkles, if not handled correctly or scaly skin. Don’t need aged quicker making you and crisis of confidence? If that’s the case, you certainly can do some basic beauty remedies following:

  1. Conduct maintenance. Besides these two simple steps above, you can also do at home beauty treatments using natural ingredients, you may also do Ovela Body Peeling, Platelet-Rich Plasma too beauty treatments in the Center, and so forth.
  2. Drink lots of water. Simple isn’t it? You have to understand, cited from many websites of elegance; water-not only can deal with dry skin but additionally can make the skin look brighter. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.
  3. Use cream, moisturizer, or sunscreen. Daylight is great for skin health. Nevertheless, this occurs once the below at 10 am. Therefore, be sure to use cream or moisturizer for whenever you leave the home for facial and body sunscreen.
  4. Routine exercise. Sports not only be healthy and avoid the body from various diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes, but also to minimize the beauty problems such as dry skin or wrinkles.

Those are some things you can do; I hope you can cope with dry skin.


Benefits of Buying Property

March 21st, 2014 | Posted by Dave in Information - (0 Comments)

property investmentDo you have good monthly income and plan to invest it? If you do, you are strongly recommended to invest your money in property. Why? You need to know that if you buy property, like home, you can get a lot of benefits, such as:

Make you and your family happy. Everyone has dream to own home, right? If you succeed to realize your dream, you definitely feel happy. This also brings positive effect for your family because they also feel happy. Remember to buy new home that matches with number of your family members. For instance, if you just have three family members, buying minimalist home is enough or if you have more than 5 family members, buys a wide and two-story home.

Get much profit. Realize that investing money in property is profitable. You can get much profit if you resell your home someday later. Moreover, if you buy home that is located in strategic area in downtown. Your property’s sale value will continue increasing each year as long as you take care of it well. In contrast, if you don’t take care of your home and you want to resell it, you might not get profit.

Additionally, buying property can also make you earn additional income per month if you rent it for tenants. If you are interested in doing it, you have to provide new home for tenants, so they can continue renting your property. If this happens, you will get additional income continuously.

Thus, invest your money in property, okay!

IELTS Certificate

March 12th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in IELTS - (0 Comments)

IELTSDo you know what the IELTS certificate? IELTS certificate is a certificate that gives information about how much of your ability in English. To get this certificate course, you should do a test on one of the branch office nearest IDP Indonesia.

By the way, what’s the advantage of having an IELTS certificate? You need to know, the benefits of this IELTS certificate in general there are two. What is it? See the info below!

Academic. Do you want to study at LSC, Columbia University, Oxford University, Brown University, or other foreign universities? If so, the terms are generally offered and need to have is an IELTS certificate. This means an IELTS certificate is needed, is not it? On the other hand, this certificate is also useful for corporate consideration when you want to apply for a job.

General training. On the other hand, the IELTS certificate is also useful if you want to migrate to a country that has had English as a first language as well as Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, or so forth.

Perhaps you are wondering, how the process of getting the IELTS certificate? In general, consists of 4 sections, as follows:

  • Listening. In this case, of course, there are some good questions multiple neither choice nor Mr. essay that you must answer. However, the question is not in the sheets of paper instead of the sound that will be played during the allotted time.
  • Reading. For this test, you will usually be given some questions. Where the given problem is generally shaped story that requires you to read from beginning to end to find out what the meaning and content of the sentence.
  • Writing. Exam writing in the English language you will also live. In this case, you will probably develop a keyword that has been given into good and complete sentences.
  • Speaking. To test your skills as a whole, to speak the English language will also be conducted.

Blog vs. Website

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Novita in Information - (0 Comments)

blog vs websiteBlogs and websites are generally used to provide information such as images, text, video, or audio to many people. Along with the increasing needs and ease of use, user blogs and websites is also increasing.

Although at first glance they are the same, but you need to know that the blog and the website should be different. What are the differences?

  • Cost. In fact, you can use a blog for free. It is inversely related to the use of the website must pay a rental fee for the domain and hosting. Want to get affordable quotes for website creation? Visit Papdan.com.
  • Making. In terms of creating a blog is easier than the website. Making a blog just sign up and instantly be able to use a blogging service. While website creation, you must have a domain, web hosting, webhosting scripts to be uploaded to the FTP software.
  • Design templates. Template design of the blog is generally simple, comes from a blog platform. Meanwhile, the website certainly more interesting and rarely there are similarities.
  • Homepage. The homepage of the website generally describes the basic content of the web site while the homepage of the blog has been flooded with articles that have been posted.

Take Pictures in Menara Siger

December 27th, 2013 | Posted by Dave in Vacation - (0 Comments)

After checking-in hotel di Lampung, my friends and I directly visited Menara Siger that is located in Bukit Gamping, Kecamatan Bakauheni, Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Indonesia.  This beautiful building was built in 2005 and released in 2008. Do you know why we choose this tower as picture’s background? If you don’t, read this information below:

menara sigerIt is not crowded. However, Menara Siger is landmark of Lampung, this tourism place is not crowded. When visiting this tower, we just saw some local people there, so we could take pictures comfortably. This building is usually used for art event or New Year party only.

It looks unique and beautiful. You need to know that this 32 meters building has a unique design in which it looks like a princess’s crown. Its color is dominated by gold and red.  Its location that is located on hill makes Menara Siger looks wonderful and beautiful. We can look landscape of Bandar Lampung clearly from this tower.

Problems with Used Car

December 11th, 2013 | Posted by Daniella in Car - (0 Comments)

Problems with Used CarI really wonder where to find used car? Exactly, where’s the best place to buy used car? I know I could find one easily at car dealers, but I need a good one that meets my criteria. It’s hard to find a used car that is still great at both design and engine. I heard from my friends and family, there are two most common problems with used car:

  • Physical damage. Used car buyers surely expect to get a car with fabulous design that suits their preference. What if there’s physical damage in it. Perhaps, it is broken window, rusted body, or others that make the car look awfully bad.
  • Broken part/component. This is about the engine and performance of the car. Leaks or broken parts in the car make it unable to perform powerfully.

Well, the above problems are actually normal because the car has been used by the previous owners. We only need to be careful and smart before buying one.

Let’s Buy a Dishwasher

December 9th, 2013 | Posted by Caroline in Kitchen Appliances - (0 Comments)

dishLast month, my best friend suggested me to buy a dishwasher. It’s because she knew that I’m allergic with detergent. She often saw me suffering from itchiness after washing clothes and dishes myself.

Besides, she also said that I needed something that can lighten my housework because I have twin babies. I followed her suggestion. I bought a dishwasher in the mall. Then, because I and my small family live in an apartment, I chose the portable one. It enables me to move easily from an apartment to another one later. I thanked my friend very much.

How about you? Have you had a dishwasher? Now is my turn to recommend this important kitchen appliance to you. I think all housewives need it. Just choose the portable one too and get the benefits. Furthermore, I just also bought a washing machine last week. I don’t want to be suffered anymore.

Air Terjun Kerta GanggaIs Lombok Island in your next holiday schedule? Perhaps, one of the main reasons why you are keen on traveling to Lombok is to see the beauty of Air Terjun Kerta Gangga which is very popular worldwide. If so, don’t forget to book a Lombok villa near the waterfall first. Then, you need to know what to do when you are at Air Terjun Kerta Gangga:

Seeing the nature

Seeing the beauty of nature is enough to enjoy your trip in Lombok Island, Exactly Air Terjun Kerta Gangga. That’s because the panorama looks very stunning and natural.

Taking pictures

Next, you need to take some pictures so you can recall your memory at Air Terjun Kerta Gangga and share them to your friends.

Washing face

Last, another interesting activity to do at Air Terjun Kerta Gangga is washing your face using the cool and fresh water.

Visiting Air Terjun Kerta Gangga sounds really fun, right?

Bermalam di Pulau Kubur

December 1st, 2013 | Posted by Dave in Informasi - (0 Comments)

pulau kuburPernahkan kamu membayangkan bermalam di pulau yang tidak berpenghuni dan tidak memiliki fasilitas sama sekali? Bisa kamu bayangkan betapa gelapnya pulau tersebut? Pasti rasa takut dan khawatir benar-benar akan menguasai pikiran dan hatimu. Ya itulah yang aku alami beberapa waktu yang lalu saat diajak temanku untuk berkemah di Pulau Kubur yang terletak di dekat Pantai Tirtayasa.

Tujuan kami berenam pada waktu itu memang ingin mendapatkan pengalaman baru saat liburan. Namun, aku tidak menyangka kalo teman-temanku memilih Pulau Kubur sebagai tempat berkemah. Kepanikan dan ketakutanku mulai mereda saat teman-temanku menjelaskan bahwa Pulau Kubur itu bukanlah pulau yang dipenuhi kuburan. Pulau ini hanyalah pulau kecil yang tak berpenghuni.

Saat malam tiba, kami membuat api unggun untuk menghangatkan badan dan mulai memasak makanan yang sudah kami siapkan. Ternyata menyantap makanan dengan nuansa menyeramkan cukup menyenangkan, apalagi ditemani oleh api unggun yang menghangatkan badan kami. Kami mulai tidur pukul 10 malam. Keesokan harinya kami berkemas untuk segera menuju kota Bandar Lampung.